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xv700 with xv920j forks????

I got the 86 looking like a headless, wingless goose doing this front end swap. I had some help in the welcome center but I figured I can't stay in there forever. Due to my ignorance I said something about not having enough steering stem on the 920 for the swap and possible have to do a stem transplant. That was until I figured out I had to remove the old style of bearing bottom race. Now I have threads showing though and can get the spanner nut on. I ordered a new bottom bearing, I messed my other one up playing around. I don't know if this is a problem but there is a hair under .25" gap between the bottom clamp and bottom of the frame neck. Also I have what I believe to be a bracket to keep wires in place in the way of my top yoke. Then there is the steering stops for the 920. There too close and not tall enough. Should I shave them and then drill some holes and bolt something in there place? If you can't tell this is my first swap.


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