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yeah im new

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im jk from pa. new to custom fighters. not new to bikes. this is my one of my current builds.

New Progressive 465 Rear Shock Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit 1998
Purchased for a 98 Suzuki Bandit GSF 1200. Swing arm is 6" over stock. Also lowered 1" in rear. Just installed shock, cranked spring to 5 7/16", manufactures min height allowance is 5 1/4". Started out @ 6 1/2". I still bottom out even with rebound set to 5. Also rebound screw has no tension to it. can spin with finger without allen key (clockwise according to manuf). I am 160 lbs, 5'9" and bottom out with no passenger. Haven't even gotten to test ride yet. Any suggestions? Tighten shock more? Replace shock under warranty? Can you suggest a better shock for my project bike?
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Welcome to CF JK! The link goes to your avitar pic...not a bike picture...(? )
Welcome to CF.................
welcom in mate and heres yer bike .
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hi welcome
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