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Excluding the bike build off.. You guys got any plans for the new year with the bikes? I got a fiew but god knows if Ill ever get there or finish them all..

Fab new risers
1 1/8" fat bars
GPR style damper with custom mount
redo the tail section and under tail
finish the 04 R6 swingarm swap
520 kit
wave rotors
New custom paint all over
new V&H header
little powder coating here n there
Redo my dash
Swap over to new R6 switch controls
05 636 Radial front brake master
Make a new 12 bar
DRAGON GEAR REARSETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Figure out how to mount FI if I can, if not re-jet the carbs

Id like to upgrade the front end to an 04-05 R1, or 05 R6 just because of the USD forks and new brake caliper set up but I dont wanna get rid of the $400 upper tripple I bought.

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As soon as this one's done, on to the next one and so-on.. The more I see the tards the more I wanna build one so maybe that's next??? If I keep the buildoff bike I'm gonna need allot more power so probably a 1200 or 1127 swap will be next there. All I know for sure is I can't afford whatever it is I wanna do next.


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aside from my 2 fighter builds....i'll be broke. but i want to get a dirty bike as well for next spring.

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Besides my build. I'm looking at putting a new steering damper and a good rear shock on the 1,000. maybee another set or 2 of steve's rear sets for the other bikes, maybee another gixxer to build in a totaly different direction !! ( I'm hooked ) :D

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belly pan - waiting for paint
lead shot filled bars - done
zx9-cams, flywheel etc - in process
ss rear line and pads - have parts
new tail - tabs are cracked, i'd like to find one then color match that and the BP
mics subtle custom mods - relocate horn, pretty up the frt end, new tank pad(done), stomp pads....
new set of pilot powers - done
complete detail

fork tubes - done
would like to do some powder coating but hat probably wont happen

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trying to come up with the money for a brandy new ktm smr before they all get sold, since ktm isn't importing them any more so it seems. hopefully i won't have to sell the 954 to do it.

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My goal is to basically finish my 600 to selling quality so I can buy another juker. I still have to:
Paint frame/swinger/forks and body
Tidy up a few electical glitches
Tidy up coolant resivior mount (half done)
Cut seat to match (half done)
SS coolant hose covers
Re-do RAM intake covers
Fabricate an exhaust hanger
And if I can get my cheap lazy butt into gear I'll get that 636 swingarm put on along with the zx10r shock

All this I want to get done by or during springtime, while I'm taking a welding night course, have no garage, and am expecting a baby the end of March...

Don't worry, I'll get it done.:rock: :rock:
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