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you guys seen this yet?

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Pretty amazing the stunts they can pull off.
They make it look like those moves aint shit to pull off. At first I was like "PSh yeah big deal" until I realized that shit is insane and they made it look THAT easy.
stunter 13 is ridiculous.

VV check it VV
i don't see how you can have that much throttle/clutch control as you're moving around that fast
I know there are a lot of tire marks on the ground there,but when you watch this guy do those drifting doughnuts he isn't making any marks at all. Is he running a super hard compound that makes it easier to spin?
that is something else I have Questions
1 how can they afford to practice. they must go through a ton of bikes
2 ware do they practice
3 are all the controls on the bars

some real talent thanks for posting it
1 stunter 13 is one of the best riders in Europe = sponsors, hes actually had that 636 hes on for a while, he had a stock frame before until he cracked it then got an SMD steel frame when he came to america for xdl in 2012(?) i believe Aaron Twite (guy used to run SMD) gave it to him for free.
2 warehouse lots are the best (been looking for one close by to learn in)
3 right side is normal (front brake), left side has a clutch and a hand brake underneath it that goes to the rear (see the extra caliper on the back?)
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I have a Stunter 13 vid on my laptop. That dude is gifted - plain and simple. I can hardly wheelie my bike, but I used to do do a lot of BMX riding when I was younger. Flatland, vert, street and racing. I know it's not the same, but I also know the level of skill that is involved, and it's not something that you can just hop onto a bike and do. Good find sir!
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I know they are good but they are also stupid as hell. 13 rides in full gear but the other peoples gear was shit...especially the cutoff tshirt. It's so bad I almost don't watch it but its the best stunters in the world so it's the best content.
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