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I know there is tons of streetfighter yzf600r builds everywhere, but I have not been able to fine super clear details on good speedo/headlight combos. I dont want to drop a ton of money on a trailtech vapor, because I have heard they are a nightmare to wire on bikes like this. As of right now I have no headlight and a stock speedo that is mounted on a custom bracket that sticks out way to much to put a good aftermarket headlight on. The style headlight im looking for is something like the one below, with the windscreen to cover the speedo.
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for the speedo all I need is something thats easy to install, in mph, low profile, does not need indicator lights (blinkers, engine, fuel, etc) as i can take that off my stock speedo. But ideally I need a tach /speedo that fits that criteria, and I have not been able to find posts on the internet that go into much detail about the headlight/speedo situation.


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