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ZX6 frame

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So where the rear set attaches to the bike on the frame broke off, should it cost much to get two tabs getting welded on, is it a DIY'er. A couple said I might be better parting out, I'm just at a lost of thoughts and I want to make a Auto part Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Wheel
decision soon, and helping words?

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Did you read my response last time?
Call Roman at FOH

If he's got the time he'll do it and it'll be done right.
if you know how to mig or tig and have a mig/tig with aluminum capabilities then you can do it yourself otherwise i had one spot on my frame welded and it cost $80. they usually charge $60-80/hour.
Yep, about an $80 fix there for a skilled welder.

I sure wouldn't part an otherwise good bike for such a simple deal
Yea that's no big deal but if you do part it out ill buy the frame. Better be cheap cuz it's sooooooo fucked up. Lol get it welded who ever told you to part it out must just need parts off it
Would I need to have the bike stripped down in order to he it welded and I have gotten quotes of 300-500 I wish I lived in you guys area and i have no way if getting it down to roman I'm in north jersey he's in central

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no way that should be 300-500. you can buy yourself a different frame for that. and no you dont need to strip it down for the guy to weld it, he should have a welding blanket if anything
I'm truly greatful for the advise guys I just have to find a welder in my area now

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A welding blanket is not necessary as splatter is of no concern. This job would, in most cases, be a tig job.

As for your quote, that is probably a high side quote. Either they see that there are parts in the way and are planning on having to remove them to weld or they don't want the hassle and are trying to run you off.

My recommendation is to strip the bike down to bare frame and take the frame and it's broken pieces to get welded. That's what I would tell you, if you brought that to my shop
I don't have the pieces to get welded bak on, so how would I go about that

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I just looked at both of the 03 zx6 frames in my garage how the fuck did those break? That's ridiculous. If I were you I'd go looking for those pieces. Or strip it to bare frame and take it to roman or someone and see about welding a plate or getting something machined up that can be welded. There are lots of people on here can machine something up for you if you give them the specs for a decent price.
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