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Hello everybody, I'm 18 years old and I am studying in mechanical engineering. Here's my winter project:

I have a 95' ZX7 and a 05' 636 in pieces. I want to fit the complete front of the 636 on the ZX7 (forks, front wheel, brakes).

I also want to change the ZX7 rear wheel for the 636 rear wheel. I'd like to know if I'll get problems with spacers or anything else.

The third modification would be to change to ZX7 tail fairing for the 636 one (looks way better).

I have access to machines if needed. If anyone already swap a ZX7 with 636 parts, it would be appreciated to have some tips. I would like to know what problems I will be facing.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english (I speak french) !

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post pics. id chex our suspension section to see what youll need to do
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