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gidday guys

im selling some parts so i can get my bike ride able this summer. all prices in US$$

I Just want to ride this summer after 3 years of gearbox rebuilds house rebuilds and weddings.

The bike was fighter but Its going back to factory.

All parts will fit zx9r 1994-97 (B) or 7R

i have a complete dyna2000 ignition With 3 ohm Post coils and leads. It was installed, started the bike a couple of times. Life then changed and the bike was stored.

I very recently got the bike back out re installed the main dyna box(was stored in my office) and started it again- then re installed the factory loom and computer.

I Paid $450 usd for it

If i get $315 i will ship it.

I also have

Attack Rear sets Powder coated gloss black

90 mm mounts. 110

Tomiselli raised clip ons. 51 mm and about a 3inch raise Powder gloss Black. $75

Im looking for a few parts So willing to swap.

I need a RH factory Foot peg bracket. I have all the parts Just need the bracket. ZX9R Please

factory B 9r Top triple Clamp

A Decent Street fighter head light. Vrod light or similar for another fighter project i have on the go.

Radial front master.

photos when i get to work tomorrow where my phone charger is .

freight on these is not bad for this size if i get what i want i will pay half the postage
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