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· angry kiwi
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since im a new member here i thought i better post some pics on my progress

that was before i had done any thing, it was straight as, never been dropped and only 18000miles not bad for an 18 year old bike
i have also added a lift kit

first stage was to remove the fairings and get some risers and new bars, so its not a torture rack any more

then the next mission was to find a headlight that i like the look of
i managed to find one from germany off their ebay for 40euro it took a while to arrive and trying to speak german to him was interesting to say the least,
it didnt come with any lamps and no side lamp(park light) which i learnt the hard way that its a legal requirement, so it set about fitting the zxr bulbs (so i could keep the original wiring) and making a park light fit.

next on the cards was clocks
you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find clocks that have a temp gauge built in.... do people think all street fighters are old skool gsxrs and are oil cooled... any way i digress, i managed to finally find some clocks (with temp gauge) again from germany so i had to go through the whole rigmarole of communicating, luckily the guy i was dealing with had a basic grasp of english so that made things easier

so i spent a night doing some soldering, i decided to use the original plugs from the old lights on what not, so i can just unplug it from the loom if needed
heres my lovely wiring to the plugs

and it mounted to the yoke, it came with mounts that mounted it to the handle bar, but that wasn't practical as i have the brace on the bars and i wouldn't be able to get the keys in the ignition not ideal really

and last off was just to mount the light and test the functions of the meter,
oo nice and blue

so thats the zxr as it stands at the moment,
next on the cards is sort the rear end,
i have a black tank already waiting to go on, but ill keep that to the side for when i get the new seat unit arrives (also from germany), also have nice new black wheels on the way (cheaper than painting mine )

· the mad doctor
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i like it man!! i haven't seen a fightered zx7 in a long time, let alone an older generation zx7

· avatar gangsta
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I have always been a ZX7 fan, but have never owned one because back in the day it seemed like most people who owned them were asses!! That was their Muzzys racing days when they were plain stompin', so I guess it was ok to have a little additude if you owned one...

Anyway, you have any pics of the whole bike as it sits? The gauge and bar looks awesome!

· Eff Tee Pee
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bike is cool. sounds like your gettin all the right stuff for it and happy with where your headed. cant wait to see the finished product.

if your tail is coming from it gonna point skyward??

· angry kiwi
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enrico vespa said:
I fell in love with those zx7's the first time I saw them.

With the koso guage, is there a bar for the rpm's, how smooth does that move?
what other indicator lights doies it have, do they all function well?

no bar for the rpms its just numbers that show up down the bottom,
they change fairly quickly mabee 10-20 times a second

it has all your usual indicator lights,
full beam, low beam, hazard, left indicator, right indicator, fuel guage, neutral, oil pressure,

ab420, i don't like the look of it either, i dont really like any faired bikes, most of my bikes get naked fairly quickly, :D

929adam, nah the tail is a race version of a speed triple rear end,
its the only seat unit i could find that the plastics wen past the fron of the seat (to hide that unsightly subframe)

ill try and post a couple of pics soon :D

· angry kiwi
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what do you suggest for the rad hose, ive just put on that bit of flex hose so i could keep riding it,
its a pain in the arse as the radiator doesent have its own cap, and the outlet faces foreward. grrr kawazaki and there infinite wisdom strikes again, i dont want to replace the rad, if i can get away with it,
i assume the pipe was made to fit, pass as to how they managed to weld stainless to mild steel though??

i don't like the d&d can, its butt ugly :D

· British Bloke in Canada
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Change the rad so you can ditch the exsternal cap, you could shorten the D and D pipe, maybe change the rear subframe and seat, it looks to large without the fairing IMO, though cool job, I havnt really seen many of those Streetfightered,

Streetfighters kinda evolve, so dont take anything I say as negative, Keep up the good work


· angry kiwi
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hey joe, funny you should say about the seat :D
my new plastics turned up while i was reading your post :D
its a race tail unit for a speed triple, but i suspect its almost the same size as the standard rear, but its nice and rounded,

yeah its the reason i bought this bike as ive never seen one fightered before, its not my first streetfighter. Ive done an old gsxr slingshot, a vf400 and a few other random bikes:D
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