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I've posted this in wrong section... Hope now its ok!
I've bought this bike in 2012. After 3 months stock engine said "bye bye" and I had to look for another engine. Fortunately I found a 98 one in a good price. I've drop my bike 2 times so I decided to buy frame sliders :)

Thats how the bike looked just after I bought it.

Two Viper exhausts was really too quiet,so I found a real bargain for Mivv GP. (1/4 of brand new price lol) Mivv is from Bandit 1250 and its really loud.

tail light led bulbs which I've get with ZX6R tail light

ZX6R Tail

fairings out, tail mounted

K&N air filter bought for a nice price.

bar-end mirrors

polisport fairing a little too big and too high mounted... wanted double round headlight but it was really cheap so I've bought.

I've painted the tail black and polished the frame !

Also bought an F3 clip-ons.

But last friday I've sold the polisport fairing and bought a solo round headlight. Waiting for the postage, thinking about cross inside the headlight and maybe yellow or black tint?
something like this

What do you think guys?
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