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Thought I'd make a new thread following the process through, since there's loads of irrelevant crap in my previous thread's posts (by me) and it's easier to follow a nice new clean / tidy thread.

Basically, it all started in October '12 when I hit diesel on a downhill 60mph road, which led to a tank slapper, followed by losing the rear end.
I smashed my arm between the tank and clipon, resulting in 3 (and a 'bit') fractures to my wrist joints, and a gaping hole in my elbow (through the jacket I was wearing). Also made a mega mess of my textile trousers, and my boots (boots split the sole from the leather and could see through, but didn't injure my foot, trousers tore down to the final layer but didn't go through, both knee protectors were torn out).
This picture summarises the bike I think

Top and Bottom Crankcases FUBAR! along with all the front / right side bodywork.

Luckily for me, I'd already arranged to buy myself a project bike, which had suddenly become a parts donor!

A 1993 ZZR400N. This bike was identical to mine in every way, except the airbox, carbs, pistons, and headers were sleeved down. I sold the engine, carbs, airbox, exhaust system and electronics (so basically the kit to make a running engine) for £150, which is what the whole bike had just cost me.

About four weeks later, my old man took me in his car to Bradford to collect a new engine

I couldn't believe how complete the engine was, for the princely sum of £150 I had the whole engine, with all covers, the carb rubbers, oil cooler, and even the starter motor!
XXX in Bradford were a top bunch of blokes sorting me out with this motor - once I cracked it open to do valve clearances, it became apparent it was low enough mileage to still be well within factory tolerances! Having ridden the bike since installation it seems to have better power delivery, which is probably down to the valve clearances (since when I checked the old, smashed motor it was all hugely tight (but still ran well, pulled like a train, and was completely reliable).
On a side note - :fu:Fuck You Ken Urwin's of Thorne:fu: - £350 for a ZZR600 motor with no oil cooler, casings, starter motor, or even a clutch basket? You fucking what?


By Boxing Day - 2 months exactly from the crash - my arm was healed up nicely and I was ready to ride (did I mention I swapped the motor by myself with my arm in a cast up to the elbow :D)
Threw the bike back together on a 'bare minimum' setup

After a shakedown run I found a bit of a coolant leak - this is why I left the lower bodywork off!

Got that sorted and then fitted the rest of the plastic.
Forgot to mention whilst I had the engine out I blacked the frame up, along with the centre trim panel.

At this stage I was happy - the bike was my only transport at that time, so I had it back in one piece and could use it again!

I also picked up some Kushitani NOS leathers - they're cool as fuck and suitably vintage (circa 1998 I believe)
Here's a picture of me in them, hoody on top to keep the cold out!

It turned out that the ZZR400 rolling chassis was a comfortable garden recliner!

Then we got to this stage

I had decided, just to be awkward and prove people wrong, that I would have a ZX6R fairing on my ZZR600E!

At this stage I had finished the main bracket at the headstock to make it all mount up, I have since made mountings for the middle mounting point, and this is enough to get by. I plan to make rear and front-mid mounts some time this year to make it all 'right'.

Chopped down the stock ZZR fairing bracket that I'd bent by crashing on it.

Drilled, inserted washers, and bolted up the ZX6R bracket. (in reality, I had test fitted the bracket and got the generator cover and other clearances about right first)

You can see on the right hand side I had to cut some fairing away for the radiator filler cap. I do plan on (eventually) fitting a different radiator, or making a new bracket + new hoses using the braided stuff I've seen on here.

I also fitted a Koso DB01plus digital dash unit - the ZX6R clocks I'd been given used a digital pickup so wouldn't work with my ZZR and the stock clocks were much too big!

(you can see from the time on the clock I worked some late nights on this!)

After this, I bought a ZZR600 tail fairing in Thunder Blue, painted my top and side fairings in colour matched paint (I used the wrong sand paper, looked smooth when I painted it, then loads of marks and lines started showing up - I'll paint it again one day...)
I also acquired a Micron race exhaust system, blanked off my EGR Valve, and fitted CBR600 stick coils, in an effort to tidy up under the airbox to make it easier to fit / remove.

I used an inline filter from the Ram Air pressure balancing lines to join both halves on the EGR together - this worked the same as the £30+ 'block off plates' on fleabay.

Here's the bike painted and with the Micron exhaust.

I picked up a race fairing (admittedly one of the reasons I wanted to do this swap was for cheap race fairings- a ZZR tail fairing is about £30 on eBay, but the full front is £150+, and race fairings are £300+ a set, compared to £130 for the 6R ones from Ricambi Weiss.

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Prior to the Micron I did have a crack at a Cadwell Park evening track session!

(brave cornering :D )

(not so brave over the mountain!)

Since about this time last year, I've had a set of ZX10R forks lurking in the garage, slowly approaching completion.
Collars to go above and below the top yoke to reduce the size accordingly

Top one fitted

Bottom without collar

Bottom with collar

Stem set in with bush

Forks fitted to the spare rolling chassis

NOTE: I didn't actually have the spindle yet so I used a big screwdriver to mock fit the wheel/discs.

This year, Practical Sportsbike Magazine started a ZZR600 Project Feature, so I sent them an email with some pictures and told them about ZZR-International - a fantastic forum for all the ZZR models / sizes - and I got printed!

I've since finished fitting them to my bike, along with the ZX6R fairing. I used ZX636 brakes, my stock discs, and a ZX6R F wheel. The F wheel was only £25 (compared to about £300, IF a ZX10R or ER6 wheel ever appears on eBay), it cost me £20 to have spacers made and have it milled out to 47mm to take a 47x25x12 bearing (stock ZX6R G onwards bearing) - compared to £18 per bearing for a KTM bearing (42x25x?) that would've done the job I think I saved there! Pair of bearings + seals cost me £20 (£12 for bearing, £8 for seals with a 35mm OD so the spacers could be held in place by them). I also paid Chris (my mate that did the work) a tenner to fit and balance the wheel and fit the bearings. The man's a legend and is brilliant at all aspects of motorcycle work it seems. Shame he doesn't have a build thread for his RGV500 build that he's £1000's into.

Anyway - Pics or it didn't happen! Some mad fool fitted ZX10R D6F forks to an old ZZR600E/ZX6E!

I wonder where out next adventure will take us?

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this is awesome haha
am impressed by the fork conversion, and seeing yours i have decided i definatly should get my ass in gear and do mine!
its a shame we live so far from each other, woud've been wicked to do an exchange of skills, i couldve painted your bike in exchange for help with front end conversion lol
PM incoming :)

thanks mate :)

Not worrying about painting it for now really, I'm planning to (eventually) just buy some Chinese fairings pre-painted after seeing a set on a few bikes at some local bikenights (VFR400, ZX6R G, and a Blade) as it'll save the time/money/aggro. The top fairing is actually damaged, there's some cracks around the lights, side mount bolts, and a piece missing under the light / inside the intake mouth, and the lower's are fibreglass race fairing that I messed about with to make them fit. I bought them cheap because I knew they'd be on/off absolutely loads so I could make the bracketry up. Even once I have funds set aside, I think I'll hold off on the new fairing until I've 100% happy with my mounts, as they seem to be getting tweaked regularly over a year on! Still not got rear mounts, they're the next job for night shift at work!

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I'm making a move to get a 180 rear tyre in the bike ASAP now!
I've not got much left on my current rear tyre so it's the opportunity I've been waiting for.

I've looked at my VFR800 arm again and also seen this image on here

I'm thinking that I've over-thought previously!
I think I could quite simply leave my shock linkage alone, and use a spacer at one end or the other of the dogbones, so I can bolt up to the VFR SwingArm. Obviously I'd then have to check ride height and calculate the length of dogbone I want to make everything line up correctly.

Failing that, I'll buy myself a ZX6R rear wheel. I'll transfer my caliper across from the E swinger (even the '13 6R still uses same caliper as the E!), and from there it's all a bolt up job really!

VFR arm would be nice though...... real nice :D

Might have to call my mate Chris and see if he thinks we can make the VFR arm work...

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Well, the VFR arm is looking to be a go ahead!!

My machine-wielding friend is waiting on a new lathe to arrive so spacers etc. are on hold. He did sort me an Ex-SuperTwins qualification session Pirelli Diablo Corsa for £30 though, so I'm still able to ride :D

I'm also set to acquire some RaceTech-built ZX636 forks. Assuming all other dimensions match, I think I might test them on the bike and see which I prefer vs. the 10R forks. I think the 10R's will come out on top due to the bike weight.....
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