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Deeks has just moved from the East coast to Glasgow, so Sunday morning a run around the west coast was in order .

06:30 meet up in Glasgow, over the Erskine Bridge and along the side of Loch Lomond, a small deer crossed the road up ahead... far enough away tho, then a small bird decided to commit suicide by crash helmet .... not the most auspicious of starts..... thankfully things never got any worse .

stopped at the famous Green Welly for fuel, up into Glen Coe, Kingshouse hotel car park for a mars bar stop, Oban for a coffee, Inveraray for ice cream and home in one piece

there was a photographer on the A83, so I might have got my picture taken , time will tell

bike needs a good wash, but it's pissing with rain now

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981 - 984 of 984 Posts